Lighting Design

Tyler Uplights Specializes in lighting design for a number of events. Parties, weddings, stage productions, and fundraisers.
  1. Uplighting is a wall wash, from the floor to the ceiling. We have a number of different light fixtures that offer battery power, wireless control, and the brightest in the area with the best colors.
  2. Pattern Projection covers flat blank walls with texture. This can dramatically change how a room looks. Tree, leaf, breakups, stars, and other patterns are projected on the walls ceilings, or floors.
  3. We specialize in monograms and offer the best designs for use with digital projection.
  4. Pin Lighting is great for highlighting tables, center pieces, signs, and dark areas.
  5. LED TVs projectors and projection screens.
  6. Speakers, microphones, cables, and mixers.
Pattern Projection
Custom Monograms
Pin Lighting
Projectors & Screens